2Up and Overloaded - ADV Motorcycle Travel Podcast

Borneo's Ultimate Moto Challenge - Sea Level to 6200 Ft in 8 hours! 🇲🇾

February 10, 2024 Tim and Marisa Notier Season 1 Episode 7
2Up and Overloaded - ADV Motorcycle Travel Podcast
Borneo's Ultimate Moto Challenge - Sea Level to 6200 Ft in 8 hours! 🇲🇾
2Up and Overloaded - Adventure Motorcycle Touring
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Show Notes

It’s the Sea to Sky Challenge of Borneo – riding from the seaside city of Kota Kinabalu to the highest point you can go by road on the island, a town on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu at an altitude of 1900 meters (6200 feet). It’s an impressive feat to accomplish, and considering that we are on the equator here, going from tropics to a sub-alpine climate is a crazy, stark change of elevation that took our breath away (literally). 

But if the elevation rise wasn’t enough, we were surprised to find ourselves on a narrow and steep road to get to the highest point, and that it was even more of a challenge.

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